What the occidental people know about Turkey ?

What the occidental people know about Turkey ? Nothing.... Like me...didn't know nothing about this wonderful country. For us Turkish people are arabic, speak arabic, are cold...but thanks God I know now isn't the truth. Turkish speak Turkish, isn't arabic, are nice and kind people, make your prayers five times per day, they are very regilious. Turkey has many wonderful places, are the beginning of the civilization. Why do I want to know Turkey? Because only in Turkey we can meet the most best places around the world, the old, the new, the exotic, the simple. Do you like mistery, songs, movies, languages, learn more and more? Then...we can become great friends. Güle güle.

Name: Andressa Costa
Age: 27 years old
Sex: woman
Language: Portuguese, English, Japonese and learning Turkish
Country: Brazil
E-mail: lovely2206@hotmail.com

This section of our web is dedicated to Turkey fans and admirers, that includes persons that like Turks, their culture and history, and for persons that somehow are connected with Turkey or with the Turks.

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