Bazaars in Istanbul

Walking in the bazaars in Istanbul is a pleasure. If you enjoy shopping or just looking at different things Istanbul bazaars will be an adventure !
Although Istanbul has a lot of commerce and colorful halls all over the city we will talk about the two most important bazaars in the city:

Istanbul Grand Bazaar
Inside the Grand Bazaar

The biggest bazaar in Istanbul with almost 5,000 shops ! Yesss !! And the most well-known bazaar in the world with lots of goods to be sold.
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Egyptian bazaar or Spices bazaar
Exotic spices at the Egyptian Bazaar

This bazaar is much smaller than the Grand bazaar and it is famous for selling the best spices in Istanbul and Turkey. If you enjoy cooking that is certainly a good place to visit !
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Street Markets in Istanbul
Street Markets

Although Istanbul is a huge city with modern shopping centers and supermarkets, traditional street markets have not changed.
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Shopping in Turkey

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