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Day & Night life in Istanbul

Istanbul is a very large city with around 14 million people and lots of places to go. There are a lot of bars, tea gardens, restaurants and discos. Day time and night life offers different kind of amusements for people of all ages. Here we recommend some spots. Enjoy !

Night Clubs in Istanbul
Night life in Istanbul

You might think you would not find alcohol in Turkey because of the religion. But that is not true. Night life in Istanbul is full of places to go and Turks enjoy it a lot also. You will be able to go to Discos and Night Clubs, dance international and Turkish music, drink any kind of alcohol available in the international market and enjoy an oriental night.

Tea Gardens in Istanbul
Tea Gardens in Istanbul

There are also some places that do not serve alcohol. This kind of places are the "Cay bahcesi" or tea gardens. This kind of places can be interesting to see a popular way of life. Tea gardens are very very popular and very common in big and small cities. Open minded people and also religious people go to such tea gardens. You can drink Apple Tea, Black Tea, Turkish Coffee or typical turkish drink like Ayran, Sahlep and Boza in the tea gardens. Check also non-alcoolic Turkish Drinks !

Restaurants in Istanbul
Restaurants in Istanbul

The Turkish cuisine is very rich and you will find delicious and ancient Turkish food all over the city. You can check recommended Restaurants here, or if you are the one who enjoy cooking try our Turkish Recipes and learn more about the ancient Turkish Cuisine !

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