Museums in Istanbul 

There are a lot of museums in Istanbul, here are some of them:

Archaeological Museum

Archeological Museum in Istanbul
At the Archaeological Museum there are majestic ornate sarcophaguses, sculptures from the Lician, Hellenistic and Hittite civilizations, ceramics, gold and copper objects.

Mosaic Museum

Mosaic Museum
At the mosaic museum you will be able to see mosaics belonging to the great Byzantine palace dated from the 4-5th century A.D.

Underground Cistern

Underground Cistern
The cistern was built by Justinian in the 6th century with the capacity of 80,000 cu.m of water.

Miniature Museum

Miniature Museum
It is a magnificent museum with miniature models of over 100 architectural works representing the rich historical and cultural heritage of Turkey.

Naval Museum

Naval Museum
The Naval Museum, harbouring artifacts from the history of Turkish naval warfare.

Turkish and Islamic Art Museum

Museu de Arte Islamica e Turca
Turkish and Islamic Works Museum exhibits almost all periods and all types of Islamic art. It has a collection exceeding forty thousand works.

1453 Panorama Museum

Museum panorama 1453
Visiting 1453 Panorama Museum will be understanding the fall of Constantinople. Beautiful paintings at the museum.



Nazar Boncuk - Turkish evil eye
Turkish Evil Eye

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