Turkish Boyfriend

My story began in England between May 2002 and May 2003, where I lived for one year. I made a lot of Turkish friends in my school and there I also met my boyfriend Ismail Cem. After one month of friendship, we began to date. I was fascinated by the respect that he always showed, always taking care of me and always trying to do everything to please me.

During this period, we organized a lot of parties in some friends' houses, where my boyfriend always was the "chef" and I was the assistant... He prepared delicious Turkish dishes, and we drank Ayran and Raki, a typical drink done with anises. At the end of last year, I went to Istanbul where I stayed for three weeks. I fell in love Istanbul, we traveled to Bursa, where we visited the mountains and for Malatya where I saw snow for the first time with a temperature of -22 C.

His family was wonderful, they treated me as a daughter... I have never felt so well... we went to a typical marriage, ate some sweets in the area of Taksim, we also went to restaurants and bars...

I am Brazilian, with degree in psychology and master in Administration. I have been in many countries of America, Europe, Oceania, but in Turkey I felt something different... I felt I belong to Turkey. His family taught me a lot of things about the Islamic religion, being a religion that always wishes the good for other people... They are not fanatic and they never imposed their religion. At Christmas day they asked me about my religion and greeted me "Merry Christmas".

I made a friend with my boyfriend's cousin and she told me that I resembled the Turkish people a lot although I could not speak the language. I was already speaking more than 30 words... the ones which my boyfriend taught me in England.

The farewell to his family was very emotive at the airport with the promise to return at least in next summer.

In June my boyfriend came to Sao Paulo Brazil, to meet my family and he stayed in Brazil for 2 weeks. Today he is finishing his studies in England. We speak everyday through mobile or internet and we have plans to get married and never have to say good-bye again... I am trying to find a Turkish teacher in Sao Paulo, but no luck until now...

At the moment, I am working a lot and dreaming everyday in my trip to Turkey this wonderful country, full of history, culture and sympathy.

Name: Andreza Barone Finianos
Age: 26 years old
Sex: woman
Languages: Portuguese and English
Country: Brazil
E-mail: drezabf@hotmail.com

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