...Turkish People is very beautiful

I love Turkey because of its culture and people. It is an interesting place, with many historical facts, it is between Asia and Europe. I completely fell in love with Turkey. I'm planning on travelling to Istanbul someday and I know it'll be like in my dreams. But it will be true. Turkish People is very beautiful and lucky living in that perfect place. I need to be turkified... I am looking for meeting a special turkish person and marry. I am learing turkish by myself and I have will power I'll be fluent someday. I wanna make turkish friends and practise my turkish and show and give my friendliness to them.

Turkiye, cok seviyorum!

Name: Michell José Santana
Age: 20 years old
Sex: Man
Languages: Portuguese, English, Japanese and a bit of Turkish
Country: Brazil - Rio de Janeiro
E-mail: gothicteenrj16hotmail.com and kariocateenboygmail.com

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