Turkey fan

The story began in the year 2000, when I was studying the first semester in the university. I had to do a monograph about the commercial relationships between Brazil and Turkey. At the beginning I was frightened because I knew very a little or almost anything about Turkey. Later on, when I began to make a research together with my group of studies, we discover how this country was fascinating. Until then we believed that Turkey had strong Muslim traditions and some characteristics of some Arabic countries. To each research we made we discovered something new. We started to notice that Turkey is a mixture of the old and the new, where the oldest culture lives together side by side with the western habits, in my point of view Turkey is a Muslim country in the occident. Like Brazilians, Turkish people are very hospitable. The country has a lot of natural beauties and very well conserved historical monuments that resisted to so many earthquakes and other adversities. I can not explain but I have a big connection with Turkey, sometimes I ask myself, am I Brazilian or Turkish?

Name: Fernanda
Age: 21 years old
Sex: woman
Languages: Portuguese and English
Country: Brazil
E-mail: fernanda.casa@bol.com.br

This section of our web is dedicated to Turkey fans and admirers, that includes persons that like Turks, their culture and history, and for persons that somehow are connected with Turkey or with the Turks.

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