Turkey fan

I will not hide that my fascination for Turkey began suddenly. Of course that I always thought Turkey was a beautiful country, but no more than that. I remember that around March 2002 I was in a chat and somebody that I did not know asked me: is Turkey in Asia or in Europe? I admitted that I did not know the answer. Then "destiny" knocked on my door. It was April 6th, 2002 and I was on online using icq; somebody called me and said "hi". That is how I meet Erkut, a handsome and spiritualy beautiful Turk. We began a lovely friendship and today we live a great romance awaiting to be realize face to face, because until now we just talked through the internet.We talked everyday, in the morning and at night. One day without him passes like a year. Through Erkut I discovered the Turks cordiality, their culture, education, how beautiful turkish pepople are, religion, delicious cookery, traditions, the fascinating Turkish history, the beautiful architecture, their arts, mysteries, music, dance, expression forms... finally, I can say that I have the best tourist guide. Obviously that my impressions are part of my imagination because I haven't met him yet, but I am absolute sure that I will not disappoint myself. I admit that because of my love for Erkut, I love Turkey and soon I will realize my dream of going to Turkey.

Name: Ana Paula
Age: 28 years old
Sex: woman
Languages: Portuguese and English
Country: Brazil
E-mail: anapaulaturk@hotmail.com

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