Turkish Soccer Fan

My interest for Turkey began in a strange way for a Brazilian girl: at the World Cup 2002, at the first game were Turkey played against Brazil. At the beginning I fell in love with the Turkish soccer team. Unintentionally, watching the soccer game between Brazil and Turkey I stayed against Brazil. Even after that game, I started to watch all games that Turkey played (I usually do not do this even for the Brazilian team).

I thought that when the World Cup finishes, my "Turkish love" would finish. That this felling would pass. But no. After that I began to search for pictures in the internet. I wanted to know more about Turkish culture, Turkish religion... I watched some documentaries and films about Turkey and each new information that I discovered about this wonderful country make me more curious about it.

Some friends says that I am crazy. Why Turkey?? such an "uncommon" country!!!

I do not know the answer yet, but I always make fun with the people who ask me, saying that there is only two certain things in life: the first is that one day I will go to Turkey and the second is that one day we will die!!!

Name: Roberta
Age: 18 years old
Sex: woman
Languages: Portuguese and English (basic)
Country: Brazil
E-mail: roberta_bartolo@yahoo.com.br

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