Everything began with Turkish Soccer game

Well, my connection with Turkey began by chance. One day in June 2002 I was connected in a chat (ICQ) in the internet and I remember that in a few days the "2002 World soccer cup" would began. Brazil would play its first game against Turkey. I love soccer so I thought about contacting someone to chat about it (ICQ), somebody from Turkey that was connected at that moment and enjoyed soccer, so we could talk about Turkey and Brazil playing together their first match in the world cup.

There was few turkish people connected at that same moment, and I sent a message to a person that was using such a nickname which I could not identify her/his sex. I thought that the person was a man, because the person demonstrated plenty of interest in talking about soccer (that also happens in Brazil with a lot of men that has machist thoughts, we in Brazil think that women do not like soccer, as if this happens in the whole world - laugh -), and for my surprise, after having identified herself I found out that I was talking to a woman, quite a nice and pleasent woman. She was very curious about Brazil, I was greatful to know a person of such a different culture from mine and I also enjoy to learn about new cultures.

I admit that at that time I didn't know absolutely anything about Turkey and I was a little embarrassed to talk to her, because she had some information about Brazil. After that, we became very good friends, started to speak with each other frequently and I began to have a great interest for Turkey. I started to research Turkish history, turkish habits, and I could notice how Turkish people are hospitable (mainly with foreigners), I could also notice the turkish cultural diversity and the turkish historical greatness. Before I knew very little about Turkey and the little I knew was not updated information.

Well, I wrote all this story to tell you that I made such a friendship with this turkish girl that in September or in October 2003 I will visit Istanbul in Turkey, and I will stay in her house.

Name: Wellington Dos Santos Primo Oliveira Mercês.
Age: 24 years old
Sex: man
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English
Country: Brazil
E-mail: wellingtonmerces@bol.com.br

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