Soccer teams in Turkey

Although Turkey doesn't have a soccer tradition as Brazil, Germany, England or Italy, Turks are fanatic for soccer. This fanaticism began in Turkey with the national soccer championships. There are several soccer teams in Turkey and every year there is a national soccer championship. The main soccer teams are: Besiktas, Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Trabzon Spor...

The soccer championships usually take place in Istanbul. Each club has his own soccer stadium. The stadiums have medium capacity and some have first class service. Everything depends on the team's financial situation. Soccer marketing has turned into a great business in Turkey. They sell everything from shirts, caps, teams' footballs to complete bedrooms for children using the colors of the club. The soccer players' salary are like the Europeans, depending of course of the financial situation of each team.

Turks like a lot to play soccer and there are many soccer fields spread around Istanbul. In summer time, games take place usually at night because of the heat, but Turks don't stop playing soccer in winter where the temperature can reach 3 C. Friends divide the expenses in a game by paying the rent of the soccer field.

Ilhan Mansiz goal

Taking the third place in the World soccer cup 2002, Turks became more soccer fanatic. Trainer Senol Gunes was very criticized by the Turks but he showed how good their football is for the whole world. To commemorate the return of the turkish soccer team, there was a big party done in Istanbul to receive the Turkish players mobilizing thousands of people from the airport to the central part of the city called Taksim.

Turkish player - Ilhan Mansiz
Ilhan Mansiz

Turkey is bringing international players and coaches to play in their teams, learning this way, soccer techniques used in other countries. Some Brazilian players and coaches that played or play in Turkey: Didi, Tafarel, Parreira, Washington (played in Brazil at Ponte Preta) played also in Fenerbahce, Ronaldo Guiaro (played in Brazil at Atletico Mineiro) now playing in Besiktas, Cesar Prates (played in Portugal at Palmares) playing now in Galatasaray, Marco Aurélio (played in Brazil at Flamengo and Bangu) playing now in Fenerbahce, among others... Several other players and coaches worked in Turkey, among them Germans, Argentineans, people from Africans and other countries of the East Europe, etc...

The best Turkish soccer players of the moment are : Ilhan Mansiz (Besiktas), Emre Belozoglu (playing now in Italy at Inter), Bulent (Galatasaray), Hakan Sukur (Galatasaray), Hasan (Galatasaray) and goalkeeper Rustu Recber that was one of the best goalkeeper at the World soccer cup 2002 and now plays in Spain for Barcelona.

Besiktas, Galatasaray and Fenerbahce are district names in Istanbul and Galatasaray and Fenerbahce are also names of very good elementary schools in Istanbul. The Turkish national soccer champion team 2003 is Besiktas, its colors is black and white and its symbol is an eagle. The Besiktas district is located in Istanbul and it is a central and commercial area, you can see a statue of a black eagle in honor to the club. Each club has its own soccer stadium and the Inonu stadium is located around 1 km of Besiktas district. The Besiktas training club is also located nearby. The clubs have also basketball teams, volleyball teams, swimming teams, etc... they also try to promote other kind of sports although soccer is their most important and popular sport.

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Date: January 27th, 2004
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