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Since I was a kid, I always appreciated Turkish cookery. However, it was last year that I started my interested about Turkish history. Everything began with the soccer game which Turkey played against Korea at the 2002 Fifa World Cup. Turkey was winning and then I began to pay attention at the player Ilhan Mansiz that played very well, and had just scored a goal. Therefore, I began to make a research about him and after that I discovered a lot of different things about Turkey. Little by little I started learning about the Turkish culture and today I'm trying to learn Turkish also, but it is very difficult. Besides, I like Tarkan's music a lot and Ajda Pekkan' music, my favorite ones are: "Simarik", "Kuzu Kuzu" and "Bir gunah gibi". Turkey is a wonderful country!

Name: Luciana Teperino de Araujo
Age: 15 years old
Sex: woman
Languages: Portuguese, English and Chinese
Country: Brazil

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