Turkish pop singer Tarkan fan

Since I was a kid I have had a very big interest for Turkey, but I never discover why, I was always a different person from the others and I had different tastes if compared to persons of my city. In 1999 I have listened to a song that I love, I saw the man that sang that song at 2000 and I fell in love with his voice. When I saw him, I fell in love, I was fascinated, he shocked me, this Turkish singer is called Tarkan and he was the connection for me to learn more about Turkey because after that I found out I like their language, I started looking for information about Turkey's religion, customs, I love everything about Turkish culture! Since then I have a dream of visiting Turkey, through these 4 years I meet a lot of Turkish women and men through internet, and they are very nice people ! At the moment I can not go to Turkey because I am studying, but I have already plans to travel to Turkey in the future. I have several plans to open a Turkish culture center where I live. I know many people that can help me and I hope to achieve my dream..

Name: Ana Graziela Alanis Gil "Gamze"
Age: 19 years old
Sex: woman
Languages: Spanish and English
Country: Monterrey, Mexico
E-mail: aya_benzerim@hotmail.com

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