Naval Museum in Istanbul

The Naval Museum, harboring artifacts from the history of Turkish naval warfare, was founded in 1897 at the Taskizak Docks. Today it is at Besiktas district

The naval museum has two main buildings. In the first one you can see displays of Ataturk's personal belongings, his photos, and objects from his yachts; objects and paintings of the famous Savarona Yacht used by Ataturk; plates, portraits, personal belongings of Turkish Seamen killed in battles; hand made and printed maps showing the Ottoman Empire and Mediterranean from 15th and 19th century and Turkish Naval uniforms.It is worth to notice Piri Reis notes and maps (the original Piri Reis map is at Topkapi Palace but not in exhibition).

Naval Museum in Istanbul

In the second one you can see the real boats used by the sultans, among them : the galleon of the Sultan Mehmet IV,original rowboats used by the Turkish court personnel until the 20th. century; ship anchors , naval and land cannons , torpedoes, inscriptions of naval buildings, tombstones of Turkish seamen and the German Submarine UB 46 sunk in the Black Sea in 1916.

If you enjoy naval artifact it is a nice museum to visit.

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