Brazilian dance group in Istanbul
Corpo em Movimento

Between 14th and 19th of August 2001, the Brazilian wheel chair dance group "Corpo em Movimento" (Body in Movement) - ANDEF will be representing Brazil in Turkey in the Second Festival of special Arts in Istanbul.

The dance group "Corpo em Movimento" belongs to ANDEF - Niteroi Association of Physical Deficients, and it is located in Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The association is a non governmental organization, that promotes events involving person with physical deficiency.

The association was founded in 1981 and it is one of the largest entities that represents the Physical Deficients and has been recognized nationally and internationally for the quality of the work that it has been developing.

ANDEF's some main actions are: to generate jobs, to promote the practice of adapted sport and to mobilize the society for the physical deficients rights. The Association assists around 1,200 persons monthly and all resources are generated by its own.

Body in Movement

"Corpo em Movimento" was created 2 years ago and has as targets: rhythm, softness, beauty and flexibility.

Dance group  Body  in Movement

The dance group has five couple of dancers of which five persons uses wheel chairs. Its most important objective is to provide a different image of the physical deficients, allowing social integration with their own bodies, which is prejudiced by society. At the same time, it has also non physical deficients in the group which suggests a reflection of this matter.

The group was the first one on wheel chairs to accomplish choreographies of living dance. "Corpo em Movimento" is getting ready to represent Brazil in the Winter Paraolympics, that will take place in the USA at 2002. For that mission the group will have the support of the famous choreographer and dancer "Carlinhos de Jesus", that has been watching the training and presentations of the team personally.

Ballet dancers' cast: Carla Angelica, Lilian Azevedo, Viviane, Marco Aurelio, Marcos Nunes, Camila Rodrigues, Welligton Belmiro, Leandro Augusto, Rafael Silva.
Choreographers: Camila Rodrigues and Carlinhos of Jesus
Coordination: Anna Silvana Cavaliere
Emails for contact: and

Date: July 19th, 2001
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