It was the best holiday of my life by far!

Hi there,

I went on my first holiday to Turkey one month ago and I had the time of my life. I absolutely loved every second of my time there. It was the best holiday of my life by far!

I met a wonderful Turkish man who treated me like a princess. He was kind, gentle, loving, considerate, warm and compassionate. At the time I was going through the finishing stages of a difficult and hurtful relationship here in the UK, and meeting this Turkish man really helped to put things into perspective. He showed me, without any grand gestures, that I am worth alot more and that I deserve to be treated well.

We have remained in contact by email, texts and on the phone, and I am due to go back to visit him in August, and he is planning to come to the UK in September, he has a UK passport as he lived in UK for nine years previously. He emails me or texts me when I am not expecting it and that is what makes his words so special to me. Its the little things that count really isnt it! I really cant wait to see him again, and even if it doesnt work out between us, I will always have a great fondness for the wonderful country that Turkey is and the beautiful, friendly, affectionate people.

I would recommend this fascinating country to anyone.

Name: Rose Fowler
Age: 27 years old
Sex: Woman
Language: English
Country: Wales, UK

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