Famous Belly Dancers in Turkey

Turkey has a lot of very good belly dancers. You can find them everywhere: in nightclubs (where they have special belly dance shows for tourists), in parties ( such as weeding ceremonies; when the owner of the party hire the belly dance to amuse the party) and on television ( in TV programs where there is singers and entertainment). Belly dancers are a part of Turkeys culture.

There are a lot of good belly dancers in Turkey, but among the best ones we would like to write about : Asena, Princess Banu, Nesrin Topkapi, Sibel Baris and Burcin Orhan. All these belly dancers became successful because of their dance, sensuality and beauty.


Asena was born in Germany and went back to Turkey when she was 15 years old. She was a model and studied at marmara University. She played volleyball for a long time which gave her body strength. Then she found out the dance and the Asena belly dancer was born. Today she is one of the most famous belly dancer in Turkey. She has a special style and is very charming. She is usually also in television programs where she make some small presentations. She made an album with another famous singer in Turkey called Ibrahim Tatlises. She is one of the belly dancer stars in Turkey.

Princess Banu

Princess Banu was also one of the most beloved artists in the 80th's. Princess Banu has performed all over the globe and is recognized as the best interpreter of the Egyptian school of dancing. She is a classy dancer with great hips.

Sibel Baris

Of the popular talent today,is the soloists Sibel Baris. Sibel Baris movements are very nice, her style is extremely seductive.

Nesrin Topkapi

In the 80th's, one of the most beloved artists were Nesrin Topkapi. Nesrin was the first dancer to perform a show on Turkish TV at a time when belly dancing was banned. She started to teach and was popular with German students who visited Turkey. In the 90’s, Nesrin established a school of oriental dance in Germany.

Burcin Orhon

Burcin Orhon is one of the biggest stars of contemporary belly dance. She is the daughter of a famous Turkish composer. In her youth, Burcin studied ballet and tried out for the national ballet troupe of Turkey. She did not pass the try-outs and sought other means to dance professionally. When she tried oriental dance, she found success. Her ballet training is very prevalent in her dance, trading hip shimmies for highly extended kicks and very wide plie’s.

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Date: January 3rd, 2003
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