Belly Dance Movements

Which is the secret of the success of a practice of five thousand years of dance? "All of us can feel beautiful dancing, it doesn't matter if we are tall, thin, short or chubby. The choreography has harmony of movements, the costumes is colorful and with beautiful ornaments and above all there is the pleasure of the dance". The essence of the belly dance is that women feels more attractive and sexy with the seductive game.

What about dancing in the oriental rhythm ? Besides amusing yourself, you will enjoy benefits such as bringing vitality and stretch the muscles, mainly the thighs, buttock and abdomen. Agility, coordination and corporal conscience are also developed by the practice of belly dance which is a great fat burner.

Here are some movements that you can try:

Belly Dance Movement - The Eight

The Eight

1. Parallel feet and arms up.
2. Begin the movement imagining that the hips draw an eight without stopping in the horizontal. Maintain the knees inflected.
3. The knees work as springs, impelling the hips. As you move the hips, take the heels out of the ground alternately.

Belly Dance Movement -  The Camel

The Camel

1. Stand by a side (profile), a foot a little bit in front of each other, arms standing in the air.
2. Transfers the weight of your body to the front foot projecting the hip in the same direction in a sinuous movement.
3. Then return the weight of your body to the back. Continue making this loop movement. The abdomen controls the turn of the lumbar vertebrae.

Belly Dance Movement -  Snake Arms

Snake Arms

1. The arms will draw undulations in the air. Lift the right arm until the height of your shoulders. At the same time move the ribs to the right, as if you wanted to push something with your trunk.
2. Open your arms slowly, lifting up, like an opposition of forces.

Belly Dance Movement - Hip dance

Hip Dance

1. Move the hips to the right side and begin to move your arms freely.
2. Move the hips in different directions in a fast way.
3. Continue moving the hip to the front, back, down, up, always vibrating.
4. The feet accompany the hips.
5. Move the arms accompanying the percussion rhythm.

Belly Dance Movement -  Egyptian basic Movement

Egyptian Basic Step

1. Stand your arms forming an angle of 90 degrees. Put the right leg in front of your body and elevate the hip.
2. Maintain the right leg in front of your body and move the hip down.
3. Move the hip again up to the same side.
4. Cross your leg in front of the body as if you kick a ball and move the hip down.
5. Repeat the movement and when kicking turn 90 degrees and begin again until completing a circle.

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