Advertisement Prices

Below are our CPM advertisement prices:

Advertisement Prices
Banner Dimension
Top of page Price
Bottom of page Price
468x60 pixel
15 $/cpm
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13 $/cpm
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125x125 pixel
12 $/cpm
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10 $/cpm
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120x60 pixel
6 $/cpm
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5 $/cpm
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  • There is no budget minimum amount.
  • Banner format is gif or jpeg, file size maximum is 15 Kb, standard resolution is 72 dpi.
  • You get detailed banner statistics in real time by our advertiser account pages. This way you can see how many times your banners are displayed and how many times they are clicked by which IP numbers. This way you can evaluate the success of your advertisement campaign.

    Banner Samples

    If you want us to produce an animated banner customized for your company, please click on the "Buy it" link below each banner. Here you can purchase a banner with your credit card on a secure system.

    Big banner 468x60

    Type: Big
    Dimensions: 468x60 pixel
    Price: 5 $/unit
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    Medium banner 125x125
    Type: Medium
    Dimensions: 125x125 pixel
    Price: 5 $/unit
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    Small banner 120x60
    Type: Small
    Dimensions: 120x60 pixel
    Price: 5 $/unit
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What is the advertisement model that best fits me?

We provide personalized solutions according to wishes and needs of our customers. We can make advertisement models and payment conditions that best fit each company.

Please select from below the most suitable section for yourself and send an email to :

Advertising by CPM (Cost Per Thousand)

Your banner advertisement will be charged according to the number of times it is displayed. In this way you can buy displays according to your budget. CPM unit price is the price charged for 1000 display of the related banner. You can let your advertisement be displayed during the days you want as many times as you want.
According to your wishes, we can display your advertisement banners in a short time more concentrated or in a long time more scattered.

Example: you have purchased 1000 displays from us. You can choose to have them displayed for 5 days at 200 displayed per day or 10 days at 100 displayed per day. Please note that in either cases the total display is 1000, only the frequency of to display each banner changes. For more information, please send an email to :

Fixed Priced Advertisement

You pay us a fixed sum for your advertisement banner exposure through a certain period of time. In this way your banner will be displayed in a certain duration for as many times as it takes. Here, the number of displays are not counted for payment. Chosing a fixed price advertisement mean that you will not be affected by the traffic that accumulates due to special circumstances and that your banner will be in circulation during the whole time frame you selected. For more information, please send an email to :

Advertisement run at categories

You can select a category that is of special interest to your sector and let your banner be displayed only at this category of pages. This way your banner will be viewed only by those users who are interested in these categories. The advertisement run at specific categories allow you to aim and reach the target audience of your company. You may select any page from our web site to implement this kind of targeted advertisement. For more information, please send an email to :

You can select any one of the above mentioned advertisement options. If you wish, we can also select a group of these alternatives and propose a pack of advertisement for you. For more information, please send an email to :