Turkish condiment for meat

Turkish Condiment (seasoning/spice) for meat

You visited Turkey and ate a delicious kebap (Turkish barbecue) and want to repeat the recipe at home? In our website you can buy Turkish condiment (seasoning/spice) for meat so that you can to bring the taste of the orient to your table.

You can buy the turkish condiment (seasoning/spice) for meat from Turkey by credit card through a secure web site and it will be delivered to your home. This condiment is Turkish, and it is the same that is sold in Istanbul's spice bazaar. You are buying an original Turkish product directly from Turkey !



Turkish condiment for meat

We offer:

Turkish condiment (seasoning/spice) for meat
100 g Package
Price: 13 USD


Turkish condiment for meat

Minimal order: at least 2 packages of any spice/condiment from our virtual spice bazaar.

How to prepare the meat: Separate the meat you want to cook. For each kilo of meat, use one or two tablespoons of turkish condiment (seasoning/spice) for meat. Add a little olive oil. Set aside and marinate the meat for at least 3 hours. If you have plenty of time leave it overnighting in the refrigerator. Do not add salt as you marinate! Before frying the meat add salt, garlic and pepper. Bon appetit!

Transportation: All our products are original from turkey and are delivered directly from Istanbul - Turkey by airmail and the transportion takes approximately 10 days to reach Europe and 15 days to reach South and North America, Asia and all other countries. Transportation is included in the price of the product.


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