I love Turkey

Hello, my name is Patricia and I am 28 years old, I am also a great Turkey fan. I could say that I'm more than a fan and I love Turkey. When I was a kid I always dreamed of visiting Turkey, two years ago finally I went to Turkey and what I saw was just like what I dreamed. Turkey is the most fascinating country of the world, and as this happens to a lot of people, persons who love Turkey have a great affection to the country. I fell in love to Turkey, it happened in such a way that I love their landscapes, history and culture. I hope one day I could go there and live in Turkey. I really believe that Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries that exist in the world and I love it.

Name: Patricia
Age: 28 years old
Sex: woman
Languages: Spanish, Catalan and English
Country: Spain
E-mail: palberchi76@yahoo.es

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