As we are influenced by the lebaneese culture...

Well, my connection with Turkey began a year ago when my mother returned from a 21 days tour around Turkey, Egypt and Greece. She brought to home many items from Turkey, like the Apple Tea, dryed fruits, pillows, spices, handicrafts, lots of books and more.

As we are influenced by the lebaneese culture because my father were born in Lebanon, we found that the Turkish Culture is a very interesting one and we felt identified with it.

I work in agriculture growing avocados and producing honey bee, Ii love the nature and I always try to take care of it. Actually I am also a student, I am taking a business administration specialization.

I like very much to cook, the lebaneese food is my prefered one.

Name: Fernando Ramadan
Age: 25 years old
Sex: man
Languages: Spanish, English, French, learning Arabian
Country: Ecuador

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