A forty year old wine - One day, a neighbor said to the Hodja: "Do you have a wine that is forty years old ?". "Yes I have", replied the Hodja."Can you give me a little ", asked the neighbor. "If I gave a little to everybody asking for it ", said the Hodja,"It would not be forty years old !"

Balance of the World - Someone asked: "Hodja, why do people go to different directions, when they leave their houses in the morning? " The Hodja answered without hesitation: "If all of them would go to the same direction, this would throw off the balance of the world !"

Nasreddin Hodja

Black book - Once upon a time the Hodja was a judge and one day a man came to him. “Your cow has killed mine!”, he cried. The Hodja shouted: “You silly fellow, how can the cow know that it is a crime to kill another cow. Case dismissed!” “Oh sorry”, said the man. “I said it wrong. My cow has killed yours.” “Then, this is another problem”, said the Hodja. “We'll open the black book and see what it says.”

Blanket is gone ?? Nasreddin Hodja

Blanket is gone - At midnight the Hodja heard a noise. Two men were struggling outside. The Hodja got out of his bed with a blanket over him and went to the front of his house. He asked them why they were fighting.

Without answering, one of them took the blanket that covered the Hodja and they both fled. So the poor Hodja returned to his bed again. “What were they fighting about?”, asked his wife. “About our blanket”, said the Hodja. “Now the blanket is gone, so the struggle is over.”

Cat and the liver - After the Hodja got a liver recipe from his friend, he bought some liver. Nasreddin loved liver and he wanted to eat it very often. But everytime he brought livers, he couldn't eat it because his wife said that the cat took the liver and fled away.

One day the Hodja became very angry and said: “Woman, I brought liver! Where is it?” “Oh”, said his wife. “The silly cat took it and fled away.” At this same time the cat was in the room.

The Hodja caught it, brought a steelyard and weighted the cat. Then he said: “That is exactly two kilos. And the liver which I brought was also two kilos. Now tell me: If that is the liver where is my cat, if that is the cat, then I want my liver.”

Cat and the liver - Nasreddin Hodja


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