Monica and Aldemar in Istanbul

Monica in a boat tour in Bosphorus, Istanbul

Monica and Aldemar in a  boat tour in Bosphorus, Istanbul

Dear guide,

We loved every moment of our stay in Istanbul! We are sure that, thanks to your kindly friendly and professional attendance, we have got to know a lot of history and culture of Istanbul, this exotic and beautiful city. How can we forget the gigantic mosques, the rich palaces and of the boat tour on the Bosphorus ? and the endless bargains in the Grand Bazaar and in the Spice Bazaar ? With your help, they became really very entertaining. Your suggestion to include Cappadocia, Pamukkale and Efesus in our itinerary was also very helpful. We will always be thankful for the unforgettable days and for all attention and kindness that you provided us in Istanbul.

Monica and Aldemar

* Monica and Aldemar are Brazilian

Mr. and Mrs Bothe and Family Schindler

We enjoyed A LOT our stay in Istanbul, and our last day by ourselves was also very exciting (we visit Saint Sophia, the Archeological Museum and we also took a ship to the Asian side of the city to Uskudar, a mosque and the Grand Bazaar) and we were very sad as Monday we were in Munich and have to work.

We are very happy and thankful with your services. We are thankful that you showed us "your" city with a lot of charm and knowledge. The tour proposal you made for us full filled our interests and was not fancy at all ! All what we saw was so excited such as the walk we took at the street market. Although our feet was in pain at night- because of so much walking around, we enjoyed every single minute of our trip. My wife bought also the Turkish tea you mentioned, so we have it at home with us. Thank you once again for your service and organization. You can be sure that this was not our last visit to Istanbul.

Best regards,

Mr. and Mrs Bothe and Family Schindler

* Mr. and Mrs Bothe and Family Schindler are from Germany

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