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Please Tick Below Name of Product Code of Product Price per piece Amount
Purse P01 $90
Purse P02 $100
Purse P03 $100
Purse  P04 $103
Purse P05 $85
Purse P06 $105
Purse  P07 $100
Purse P08 $100
Purse P09 $100
Purse P10 $115
Purse P11 $95
Purse P12 $87
Purse P13 $97
100 % silk purse 
(min amount 10 pieces)
P14 $295 per piece 
Purse  P15 $110 
Purse P16 $110 
Purse P17 $113 
Purse P18 $115
Purse  P19 $103 
Purse P20 $38 
Purse P21 $75 
Purse P22 $75 
Address book  T01 $34 
British Size:  
S01 $83
British: Size:  
S02 $103
Briefcase  B01  $103 
Briefcase B02  $150 
Backpack  R01  $115 
Backpack  R02  $100 
Luggage  L01  $205 
Luggage  L02  $220 
Luggage  L03  $165
Luggage  L04  $220 

You can pay us by wire transfer or by monet order. Please first submit your order, we will contact you.

IMPORTANT note for Kilim Products: The fine Kilim used on our Kilim Products come from different regions and mountain villages of Turkey. Symbols, patterns and colour are woven by nomadic tribesmen with devotion and tradition. Since all kilims are different in design, no identical two products can be made. The handles and frimming of our one-of-a-kind kilim product is made of the fine genuine leather and wool hand-made kilim. Please remember no one else in the world will have the same product exactly like yours.

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