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R01 & R02 - Backpack or purse. Trims and shoulder straps are leather. All around covered with wool Turkish kilim. A zipper is sewn in place all along the shoulder strap and also continues over the top opening. One side of the top opening can be folded down and fastened to the lower front side of the purse by a metal fastener. Easy operation with one hand. If this hook is opened, the backpack volume increases by about one third to receive larger items. The shoulder strap can be divided to become a two part shoulder strap for both shoulders (backpack is carried in the back of the owner) or if the zip is closed the backpack has one shoulder strap and stays on the side of the owner. The shoulder strap is fixed to the upper part on one side. The other end of the strap can be fastened to the either upper part of the purse or the lower part of the purse. One zip pocket inside, on the side lining for personal items like lipstick, keys or medicine.

This purse can be used in three different ways:

  1. Single shoulder strap connected to the lower part of the purse. (other end fixed on the upper part)
  2. Two shoulder straps connected to the lower part of the purse.(other ends are fixed on the upper part)
  3. Single shoulder strap connected to the upper parts of the purse on both sides.
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backpack from kilim 
Code : R01
Width : 30 cm / 11 13/16"
Height : 42 cm / 16 9/16"
Depth : 18 cm / 7 1/16"
Price : 115 US$
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backpack from kilim 
Code : R02
Width : 26 cm / 10 1/4"
Height : 33 cm / 12 15/16"
Depth : 13 cm / 5 1/8"
Price : 100 US$
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Creations with handmade kilim and leather 

Kilim is a flatweave made by handspinnen of the natural wool, coloring with dyes obtained from natural sources (leaves of plants or trees, flowers or roots as well as certain insects or marine animals) and finally weaving it.

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