for those who want to have perfection of thousands of years with reasonable prices. 

The world's oldest city was discovered in Turkey which was built in 7500 BC. Since then the artisans have worked producing objects of daily life which makes today Turkish handicrafts. 

The items are made from the finest materials. Skilled village people has used the secrets of thousands of years to bring the strength of the finest wool spinning, best weaving techniques, most natural dyeing, harmony of color and the perfection of the symbols.

Every kilim is then carefully used by experienced craftsmen to mix with the leather to achieve the end design.

Every single item is thoroughly checked for possible defects to ensure the maximum customer satisfaction. Most of the items have a small inner pocket with a zipper, a shoulder strap as well as a handle. The metal fittings are mostly brass. Inner lining is used to ensure the utmost stability and the ease of use of the design.

The wool is weaved in such a tight manner that only in very high quality floor and wall covers the matching perfection can be found. The coloring techniques of the wool are the secret of each family making the flatweave.

Best quality Turkish leather which is drum dyed and vegetable tanned for an incredibly soft finish and rich deep color.

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Turkish Kilim 
Creations with handmade kilim and leather 

Kilim is a flat weave made by handspinnen of the natural wool, coloring with dyes obtained from natural sources (leaves of plants or trees, flowers or roots as well as certain insects or marine animals) and finally weaving it.   

Through this site, you can see product pictures and shop for purses, shoes, handbags, small leather goods, briefcases, travel cases, address books, slippers and other products.

 SHOP1000 Collection is a classical collection of purses, wallets for everyday use by the modern busy woman. They are all designed to be completely practical, elegant and utilitarian.

The Design: Timeless designs with elegant style. The silhouettes are soft.

The Leather: Soft naturally textured leather is drum dyed creating rich color that is deeply absorbed into the leather, then buffed and polished for a light sheen that preserves the quality and the color.

Istanbul - Turkey

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